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    Ethos Consultancy NZ


    We believe that by helping students and teachers keep alive their joy of learning we can contribute to the important cultural work of challenging the current status quo in results-driven education.

    With its flexibility and rich wealth of resources, Web 2. 0 (when informed by education principles that recognise human learning as social and contextualised), can empower learners to collaborate fruitfully, using new information and ideas to build on what they already know.

    In turn, education practitioners can use Web 2.0's rich resources (see this glossary) to create opportunities for transformative learning experiences, give learners of diverse needs, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds a voice, enable students with various life commitments to study, and find new ways of connecting learners with content and each other, empower learners to create their own content and enable them to reach their desired learning goals. It can also empower education practitioners to engage with students more, moving away from the front of the room to a shared space where they too become learners.

    The aim of this site is to share effective practice, resources and ideas by encouraging discussion around the design, facilitation, assessment and evaluation of online communities and how they impact learning in all education sectors. We are also sharing resources and ideas around ePortfolios and Green ICT in Education.

    Because collaboration and openness are two of our guiding principles, we choose to use this Ning as the forum for projects in which we are involved.

    The models underpinning Ethos Consultancy's work are:

    Blog Posts

    Controversial video about the influence of unions in education in the US: Thoughts?

    Posted by Hazel Owen on August 27, 2014 at 21:38 0 Comments

    The mere mention of unions often provokes strong reactions, and if you watch this video, Teachers' unions vs. students (narrated by Terry Moe, Professor of Political Science at Stanford University), you are likely to come away with an opinion! 

    Personally, I feel it is positive that educators have such a strong union, and essential they have meaningful representation. However,…


    Collaboration and Networking with a future focus

    Posted by Rebbecca Sweeney on August 26, 2014 at 12:30 1 Comment

    Kia ora

    I've just joined the Ethos community and thought I would introduce myself. My key interests and experience are around, effective teaching as inquiry, school leadership, collaboration within and between schools, school improvement, research and evaluation, feedback loops between research, policy and practice, administrative systems, developing relational trust, and partnerships. 


    In 2014 I have…

    Traffic Passing By

    Posted by John S. Oliver on August 26, 2014 at 5:14 0 Comments

    I sit in the library writing.

    I look out the second floor window at the traffic passing by.

    The one way street passes from my right to my left.

    There is a traffic light to the left of my field of view.

    Many cars and a few trucks are part of the stop and go parade.

    When there is a convention in town then there are lots of buses too.

    Each vehicle has left Point A and is moving to Point B.

    Each driver…


    Using Make the Future

    Posted by margaret macpherson on August 24, 2014 at 17:00 2 Comments

    The video Make the Future worked a treat to introduce a presentation I gave on Future Focused Learning at Ashcoll - why enable elearning - moving to BYOD.  many asked me to onshare the link an dI've also reshared it in our google community: e-cited.  Here's the link to the prezi I made ot support the presentation.…


    5 Tips for Managing Mobile Devices in the Classroom

    Posted by Catlin Tucker on August 23, 2014 at 7:57 1 Comment

    An increasing number of students are returning to school after the winter break with shiny new mobile devices in hand. This excites me as I rely entirely on my students devices and a BYOD policy to integrate technology into my classroom. That said, I’ve trained lots of teachers who are hesitant to embrace mobile devices. Many teachers fear that allowing students to use their devices in…


    Driving teacher change through brokering in an online community ecosystem

    Posted by Hazel Owen on August 22, 2014 at 15:30 0 Comments

    Online or virtual communities of practice were a theme that appeared in many of the presentations in the Research stream of ULearn in 2011 (and you can access the papers from the research stream by clicking here).

    One such…



    E-Learning: It's Not Just About Technology!

    Started by Kamal Bouskri in Theories and principles Aug 8. 0 Replies

    As a technology-integration-in-education advocate and co-founder of learning management system, I had the opportunity during the past few years to research the main hindrances to e-learning…Continue

    Tags: LMS, e-learning

    Anatomy Resources

    Started by Liz Huff in Tips and Tools. Last reply by Hazel Owen Jul 7. 5 Replies

    One of the core objectives of Anatomy Warehouse is to educate medical students about the best resources in updating their knowledge about the human anatomy. Beginning our series about online…Continue

    Tags: resources, education, anatomy, human

    Flipping classrooms

    Started by Peter Breach in Theories and principles. Last reply by Leigh Hynes Jun 26. 3 Replies

    Hello all I'm heading off on leave in a few days.  I was going to be lazy and just post a question, but decided that Search was worth a visit - and it was.  There is a lot of interest in flipped…Continue

    Anatomy Resources:

    Started by Liz Huff in Tips and Tools. Last reply by Hazel Owen Jun 19. 1 Reply

    Continuing our series of anatomical study aids, we’re excited to introduce, a site full of exciting games to help…Continue

    Tags: games, anatomy



    Administering this site is a real pleasure, but it does take both time and money.

    If you are enjoying the community and find the resources useful, then please consider supporting the site with a donation.

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    Controversial video about the influence of unions in education in the US: Thoughts?

    The mere mention of unions often provokes strong reactions, and if you watch …See More
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    Collaboration and Networking with a future focus

    Kia oraI've just joined the Ethos community and thought I would introduce myself. My key interests…See More
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