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We would like to introduce some of the associates with whom we work.

At Ethos Consultancy we are lucky to have the opportunity to work with some of the best in education, media and mobile communications. Our associates have expertise in a wide range of areas to ensure that we are able to tailor a solution that will meet the requirements you have.

Diana Ayling

Click HERE to access Diana's Academic ePortfolio.

It is Diana's key ability to operate successfully in a range of contexts and with diverse people that makes her an outstanding facilitator, adviser, manager, coach and mentor. As an academic adviser she has demonstrated her abilities in such diverse environments as Pasifika, Construction, Not for Profit Management, Osteopathy, Natural Sciences, Business, and Matauranga Maori. Diana is one of very few Pakeha honoured by an invitation to facilitate in the unique environment of Unitec's Wharenui.

Jo Gibson

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Jo Gibson, the owner and inspiration behind Learn-Now and Authentic Encounters Online.

Jo has wide experience with designing, developing and implementing eLearning programmes within the small business and education sectors. One of her core skills is building online learning centres for project collaboration, often from from an ideas phase, to subsequent trial, pilot and roll-out phases. In her designs, facilitation, assessment and evaluation, student centred, teacher facilitated learning is paramount.


Helen Martin

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With 40 years' involvement in teaching and curriculum development - working at secondary, tertiary and community levels - Helen is happy to say her interest in education has never diminished. New ways of enhancing the all-important teaching and learning project constantly vie for attention, some finding traction and staying around, others fading into the background to be replaced by the next best thing. In Helen's view the most exciting and liberating notion to take hold since she began her teaching career is the acknowledgement that differing learning styles and circumstances have a huge impact on how a person learns and that the responsibility of those designing and delivering curricula is to ensure that every single learner has a fair and equitable chance of learning success. That's where she believes ICT enhanced learning and teaching comes into its own. When curricula are designed and managed with skill and care, Web 2.0 tools enable users - across the barriers of learning or cultural disadvantage - to discover ways of learning that are empowering and life changing.


Andy McGrath

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In screen media where experience really does count then Andy (Director and sound designer at Afterglow) has it in spades. He feels strongly that clients know it - they can feel it and they appreciate the comfort that comes with knowing that if he’s at the helm the jobs in good hands. Whether its a multi camera shoot of a train crash or a motion control pass over a Maccas burger he’s been there and you can guarantee he’ll know how to do it better than just about anyone – it’s as second nature to him as a plectrum over a guitar string....


Vickel Narayan

Click HERE to access Vickel Narayan's Linkedin profile.

Has wide experience in online course development, exploring new tools for use in education, use of social media in education, game based learning, socio-constructivist pedagogy. Engaging students into the learning process, how?

Also: Web design, C++ programming, php, mysql, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, .net and Visual basic


John Owen

Click HERE to access John Owen's Linkedin profile.

For the past 15 years John has worked predominantly in IT within the telecommunications industry for solution providers and operators (mobile and fixed line). His career has taken him from a Siemens' R and D center, to product development and account management with solution vendors, and through the IT and Engineering departments of telecommunications operators. This journey has given him a thorough understanding of the technical and business requirements of technology led companies.

During this time John have been involved with in-house product development and major integration projects, and helped define software development and architectural guidelines. He has a strong technical background based on both theory and practice, a pragmatic approach to the implementation of sound software and architectural principals, and a genuine desire to help people understand how good methodology can deliver the right results. John's recent work with a vendor in the Middle East broadened his experience to include commercial experience, which he has recently used at Vodafone to build strong partnerships with key suppliers.

John's current focus is to apply his knowledge to school and industry education, finding ways to blend technology with learning such that it enhances the experience and delivers real-world skills.

Zariah Gaelyn-Levai

To access Zariah's Linked in profile click HERE.

Zariah is a motivated and enthusiastic self-starter, who is passionate about technology, education, social change, and working towards creating better educational environments that are more economically feasible, and sustainable that will reach a more comprehensive segment of society.

As an Informational Technologist & Webmaster, Zariah has a wide range of curriculum, design, and technical skills. He believes strongly that education should excite and stimulate learners and that "it will, if we make radical changes in our conceptualization of teaching and learning" (source).

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