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The resources on this page are a collection of approaches, discussions, ideas, and toolkits from which you can 'cherry pick' based on the descriptions of each resource.
Two of these podcasts (part of a series of 7 interviews) feature suggestions about the design and facilitation of ICTELT resources. The focus is on the VET sector but the comments made are generalisable and applicable to learning and teaching across sectors.

The other podcast features a discussion led by Susan Ko addressing some of the key issues facing designers and teachers in higher and K-12 education today
The Pathways to Good Practice resource was developed by the Southern Cross University Teaching and Learning "to provide staff (teaching, materials production and administration) with a ‘first principles’ framework upon which they can rely to inform the design, development, delivery and evaluation of their curricula in a highly flexible teaching and learning environment".
If you are thinking of creating your own video resources, these tips and wrinkles from the guys who bring you the Commoncraft "In Plain English" videos are down to earth.

If you are keen to include opportunities for learners to create their own content and explore their creativity, you may find the list of resources on this site useful.

The blurb from this video describes this video as "A teaching and learning video vignette presented by Kassia Wosick-Correa. Some of the topics discussed include: Learning Objectives, Course Activities, Assessment, Content Knowledge, Values, and Focus on Behavior".


Examples of ready created resources

These resources have been collated to either be used in their current form with learners, or to inspire you with ideas of what it is possible to design and create to enhance learning experiences. The Crimescene Game also shows that it is possible to achieve similar effects no matter what tool is used.

A seat at the table - an interactive exercise / semi role play that encourages students to think about hunger and poverty
A detective story that, through the course of the investigation, gives learners opportunities to apply concepts around visual art.
The description from the site describes this activity: "The Crimescene Game teaches interviewing skills in the context of a police investigation". There are three formats of the game - Flash, PowerPoint, and .pdf file so it is extremely versatile.
A scenario / quiz type activity that introduces the ports of a laptop and their functionality.
A gripping story of gang culture and choices in London told via videos hosted on YouTube where the watchers of the video can choose different actions to influence the outcomes. A good site to use in conjunction is the 'Drop the We\pons site' although it is mainly relevant to the UK. (Warning: This is a public space with public comments. The makers of the video have moderated the spaces, but some of the comments may be inappropriate for younger viewers. Also something worth thinking about if you decide to create your own "choose your own ending" video story.
A resource that is a combination of information and images about the spread of Aids. The focus is mainly the US, but it has some images from around the world.
An interactive graph of industrial production, that illustrates, over time "the output of manufacturers, miners and utility companies — suggests that the economy is poised to turn around, but that the climb out of the current downturn will be a long one". Can be watched as many times as required, and the pointers can be moved manually to show different years.

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