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ICTELT in Action: Applying ICT Enhanced Learning Programme Design


In our consultancy work we are committed to the ICT Enhanced Learning and Teaching (ICTELT) process model and framework, developed by Hazel Owen, which provides a conceptual design framework and self-diagnostic tools to guide practitioners interested in enhancing the quality of learning and teaching using ICT solutions.

This is a brief summary of Hazel Owen's paper ICTELT* IN ACTION; APPLYING ICT ENHANCED LEARNING PROGRAMME DESIGN * ICTELT = Information Communication Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching

Hazel Owen has designed the ICTELT process model, conceptual design framework, mindmap and self diagnostic tools to guide practitioners in using technology to enhance the quality of learning and teaching.

Challenges can include varying levels of access to and experience with ICT, and unfamiliarity with interacting and collaborating online. Within actively-involved supportive teams the design process can result in mutual goals and a shared sense of openness and ownership. ICTELT advisors can be important as guides. Institutions need to provide practitioners with appropriate support (time, resources and encouragement).

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