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Introducing the ICT Enhanced Learning and Teaching (ICTELT) process model and framework


The model is flexible, enables blended approaches, encourages alignment of pedagogical perspective and practice and encourages an iterative approach, enabling ongoing improvement. Not all students are tech savvy learners, but those who are: are familiar with using with ICT tools;* are likely to want to bring personal technologies into the study environment; are comfortable personalising their learning space; operate with a strong sense of community and group identity.

*ICT tools include such virtual spaces as blogs, social networking sites and gaming sites.

The ICTELT Process Model and Framework is designed to work alongside the model, assisting practitioners in the design process. The online ICTELT Mindmap helps practitioners identify programme/course/session functionality and design. The ICTELT Diagnostic Matrix assists practitioners in identifying realistic, incremental progression in the design and facilitation of ICTELT.

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