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The site offers convenient access to search services returning resources purportedly under creative commons licensing and provided by other independent organizations (but note the site caveat: "Do not assume that the results displayed in this search portal are under a Creative Commons licence. You should always verify that the work is actually under a Creative Commons licence by following the link").


Image source - Patrick Boocock

Commonly used sites where you can find material free of copyright under Creative Commons can be found at:

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Comment by Hazel Owen on November 1, 2010 at 16:04
Absolutely - totally agree. I was listening to a great Futurelab podcast a couple of days ago where they were talking about supporting students around the making of videos. The speaker mentioned that in quite a few schools videos were being made by students using "chart music" rather than podsafe / CC music - which is of course rather 'illegal'. He then mentioned that they helped anyone who submitted video to their site with soundtracks or images that were not CC to re-work their material and then re-submit.

It is all, for sure, another skill set area :-)
Comment by Rochelle Jensen on November 1, 2010 at 15:54
Thanks for list, this topic is on my radar due to current discussion on MLE listserv.
Think it is very important that we increasingly support teachers to use CC resources so that this becomes second-nature for students.

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