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The following are testimonials provided by clients. Some are related to the mentoring and coaching sessions we offer, and some to the eLearning services.

Mentoring and coaching

I worked with Hazel as my coach because I was a first-time manager and felt I needed someone outside the institution to support my growth. Hazel supported me by helping me establish and prioritise goals and navigate around roadblocks in my own thinking. The result was nearly every time we spoke, Hazel's coaching style enabled me to have deep insights into situations at work. One thing I liked was her ability to guide the conversation gently to its most impactful conclusion. I found the overall experience profound. Hazel listens deeply and responds wisely. I would recommend coaching … to people who need  support with achieving performance excellence in a new or established role.

Becca Black, Manager, Learning Design, Ara Institute of Canterbury

(**Please note: Mentoring and coaching with Chris was through the CORE Education uChoose programme)

I embarked on this Skype mentoring/coaching because I needed to hone my skills in this area and I had heard from a trusted friend that Hazel was the best.

I see mentoring and coaching, as focusing on empowering people in ways that they realise their own capabilities and become their own change agents.  I reckoned I could benefit from strengthening these skills to use with colleagues and in my work with leaders in schools. 

My fortnightly half hour sessions were always well planned for by Hazel – and yet I tended to come into them with ‘what was on top’ for me – and, if I didn’t, Hazel cleverly managed to extract it and bring it to the top, never giving the answers but astutely providing the prompts and questions to help me to come up with the answers.  As Hazel modelled that effective practice, I slowly learned to maximise it and then to use it myself when I was in challenging situations with sector leaders and colleagues.  I would use the strategies to carefully plan and anticipate according to the needs of my audience, rather than be overly focused on my needs ‘at the expense of all else’.

In between sessions, Hazel would coax me to try out frameworks and approaches, view selected videos and TED talks – she would expose me to multiple and varied illustrations of a point or focus area, using different mediums.

In working with complex problems, I used to feel that I needed to come up with solutions – now my focus has shifted to coaching those I work with to come up with the solutions.

Eighteen months to two years down the track, I have a much more measured approach.  I still do convey direct messages when they are needed, but I now package them to optimum effect – even in times of pressure (where I used to default to type) I can maintain the learned strategies.  My colleagues often comment, unsolicited, how much my approach has changed over these eighteen months and my advice/counsel is always valued.

“It’s only when you bring out the best in others that you bring out the best in you“ - Margaret Heffernan’s Superchicken video – my favourite J

Hazel IS the best.

Chris Wells, Senior Education Advisor, Sector Enablement and Support, Ministry of Education Aotearoa New Zealand

Since 2015 I have had the good fortune of working with Hazel in CORE Education’s uChoose mentoring programme, both as a colleague mentor and having Hazel as my personal professional coach. Hazel’s deep understanding and knowledge of effective coaching, has enabled me to simultaneously grow my own coaching and mentoring practice while working towards my own personal professional goals. Hazel infectious energy, her ability to connect, and her positive and engaging manner inspires others to follow her lead, in striving to be the best that they can. I unreservedly recommend Hazel to all who seek the guidance, wisdom and support of a coach to deepen their understanding of themselves and their goals in life, in business, in their profession. 

Nick Major, Educational Consultant & Leadership Coach with CORE Education

Hazel, working with you has been such an experience at so many levels. Your passion, insight and integrity mean that anything you do is carried out to your best whilst also bringing out the best in others. I worked with you on a large scale blended learning project, which led institution wide changes in learning and teaching. You are a strong project manager who acts with integrity and professionalism in the most challenging of situations. You not only manage, but also coach and mentor along the way so that others such as myself are enhanced to grow and develop. You are also a great colleague when it comes to collaborations such as research and writing. A truly collaborative colleague who I would eagerly work with any time.

Nic Dunham, Education Developer, Massey University

eLearning services

We approached Ethos Consultancy NZ because we were aware of the quality of their eLearning designs and the engaging student learning experiences they have supported other education providers to be able to offer their students. The Ethos team worked with us from the initial needs analysis and design, through writing and development, to roll out to students. Ethos is now assisting our tutors to develop their own eLearning skills, as well as providing interim technical support for tutors and students.

Ethos Consultancy NZ have helped us meet our deadlines - and within budget. The result has been the development of a range of tailor-made online courses that meet the specific needs of our disparate students, who are based all over New Zealand.

One thing we have particularly appreciated is the support. Every step of the way, the team have been very quick to answer any questions we have had, as well as providing timely responses to any issues as they have arisen.

We have found the overall experience friendly and professional, and would highly recommend Ethos Consultancy NZ to people who are looking for a quality, bespoke eLearning design, alongside great support and good value.

Vernon Morris, Head of Department Emergency Search and Rescue, Tai Poutini Polytechnic

Hazel is very enthusiastic and has a passion for helping other learn, particularly with technology. I always enjoy Hazel's energetic presentations during conferences and often rely on her in-depth blog posts of sessions I cannot fit in! I recommend Hazel to anyone keen to learn more about eLearning and hope we continue to work together in future :)

Teresa Gibbison, Executive Coordinator, HBC Design Ltd University of Waikato

Hazel is fantastic at gathering a great team around her and providing them with both the support and autonomy they need to do a great job! She's able to manage a really wide range of competing demands and still find the time to have really focused conversations with every person she is working with. I really admire Hazel's knowledge of educational processes and practices and her ability to lead a team to perform great things together.

Melita Farley, Co-Director at Confluence Whanganui Ltd

Hazel's deep experience of e-learning and her crisp and energetic communication style made our series of workshops on ePortfolios for professional appraisal in schools come alive. She was impeccably organised and contributed in a variety of ways to both the planning and delivery of the workshop sessions. Attendees regarded the workshop series as extremely worthwhile professional development. I particularly valued the way she was able to draw on her network of expertise to enrich both my understanding of the key issues and the quality of the overall experience for the school leaders who participated.

Nigel Smith, Assistant Principal, Pathways Campus, Academic Colleges Group

Hazel ... has boundless energy and creativity. Together we set foundations for projects and initiatives that created real change for the organisation. Her work in elearning and eportfolios really stands out at being accessible and fun for students and staff.

Diana Ayling, Unitec Institute of Technology

Hazel's problem-solving, ICT and Web 2.0 skills combined with her grounding in student-centred pedagogy help her to find innovative solutions.

Bettina Schwenger SFHEA, Academic Advisor, Unitec Institute of Technology


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