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The ICTELT Diagnostic Survey

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The ICT enhanced learning and teaching survey is a diagnostic survey which will help you consider the positives and negatives of your (or someone else's) ICTELT (blended or distance) programme. It can also be used for programmes that have not yet adopted ICTELT approaches to indicate learning and teaching areas it might be useful to focus on. In particular, the survey concentrates on design, facilitation, assessment and evaluation, and how they impact the learning experience.

The accompanying ICTELT diagnostic matrix can be used to help interpret the results of the survey by giving detailed suggestions of areas that could be worked on in the programme, and possible approaches that could be used.

The survey takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

You can access your results by emailing Ethos at:, and we would be very happy to discuss the results with you.

With thanks to Diana Ayling and Ed Flagg for their input into the ICTELT Diagnostic matrix and survey

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