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Transactional or transformational coaching?

In the art of coaching there are many different approaches and definitions. However, at a basic level they all are either transactional (coaching for performance) and / or transformational (coaching for a change in awareness and understanding that can lead to improved performance). The two foci are strongly interrelated with the transactional…


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What coaching and mentoring is...and isn't

A lovely overview from Sarah Whiting, about what coaching and mentoring is...and isn't, and a couple of the options available through CORE Education.

The description from the Edtalks site reads:

Sarah Whiting, facilitator for CORE Education, discusses the role of coaching and mentoring in teaching. She talks about how important it is that coaching and mentoring happens alongside people, providing support in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space. Sarah explains how…


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Employees are are crying out for coaching and mentoring

I must admit to feeling just a bit excited when I read recently that people are crying out for coaching and mentoring (although I did wince a bit at some of the language used in the article :D). This is a significant shift from seeing coaching and mentoring as something that used to be about performance management, or as something that seemed to be mainly reserved for…


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One coachee's experience of coaching, and what he is getting out of it


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Developing as a coach? Some examples of SMART goals

SMART goals...most folks will have heard of them, and are likely to know that they are a mnemonic acronym for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

SMART goals might not be useful in every coaching or mentoring context or conversation, but they can be a powerful way for you to map out a way forward, and build in…


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Culturally responsive e-learning pedagogy

Tim Gander, in his post Māori pedagogical frameworks & relationship with technology tools, carries out a literature review to highlight some of the main elements of kaupapa Māori for learning and eLearning.…


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What is active listening and why use it?

One of the abilities of a coach is the being able to listen - to try to understand another person’s reality, and how they experience and interpret their world. Active listening has been identified as an “important way to bring about changes in people” and an “effective agent for individual personality change and group development” (Rogers &; Farson, 1987, Para 3).…


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First time online students and misplaced expectations

What are some of the 'soft factors' that influence a student's initial experience of distance online learning? A couple of years back, this study sought to identify some of the key aspects that helped shape their experiences, as well as some of the expectations…


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What characteristics 'make' a coach?

What are the personal characteristics of a coach? It's an interesting question because the response, while apparently simple, also requires a look at characteristics that could potentially work against a coach, and their suitability to develop in that role.

Every individual has a different personality, and this means that…


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How To Strengthen Your Credentials - 5 Career Tips

This month we have a post that has been written by Ashley Limpan, that is highly relevant to anyone looking for a career in the medical field. It also has some useful tips for pretty much anyone starting out in a career, or planning their next career move.

Ashley is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion in providing creative solutions for building brands online. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome…


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Making the most of learning and teaching online: Fostering skills and strategies to stay safe is never too early to help students realise that there is a risk when using social networking, and to help them assimilate strategies and skills that will assist them to stay safe online, while also enjoying the huge benefits of being online and part of…


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The power of coaching: Don't let technology disruption disrupt your team

This post was written as a guest post for Cyma (a technology and enterprise architecture consultancy), and was originally posted as Living With Change - Don’t let technology disruption disrupt your team on 16th April…


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Snapshot Auckland 2017


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VLN Primary: March Update 2018

Meet Nate - Airpoints™ for Schools

Meet Nate - Airpoints™ for Schools, by Air New Zealand…

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New forms of curricula and assessment

Heather Eccles shared the following video and thoughts with members of another community. I found it a humorous, accessible presentation with some great suggestions for re-designing assessments.

“What year are you preparing your students for?” Heidi Hayes Jacobs poses this question in her book Curriculum 21 and in her speaking engagements. I love this question as it quickly gets to the heart of the need to teach students 21st Century skills. She goes on to say that we need…


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Webquests: Ideas, resources and more

The following resources were recommended by John S. Oliver.

Are you and your students webquest fans? The Zunal Webquest site looks great.
There are…

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Listening and Respecting: A Culturally Responsive Pedagogy of Relations

A while ago I participated in a thought provoking webinar entitled Te Kotahitanga PD including Culturally Responsive Pedagogy of Relations, and facilitated by Mere Berryman. It was Mere's first time facilitating in a Webinar environment, and she faced all the technical hiccups with aplomb...and gave the participants a lot to think about.

Culturally responsive pedagogy…


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Add your voice to the discussion around what the Internet will 'look like' in the next 25 years

From a couple of years ago, but still very relevant...

Minister of Comms and IT, Amy Adams, opened the second day of NetHui with an overview of the Internet and digital technology in New Zealand. One of the first things Amy said was "the Internet and the…


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Interactive infographic: ADDIE for Training Organisations

Recommended by Richard Elliott in an eLearning Watch 'extra' (which you can subscribe to here), is the interactive infographic based on the ADDIE model, Implementing e-learning: A…


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Sustainable programme design: A guide to help institutions prepare for natural advance

Not wanting to be too depressing, but natural disasters can affect anyone, anywhere. It is a positive outcome of the earthquakes in Christchurch to see a practical guide being written that suggests how institutions can prepare for such disasters...before they happen.

About the project

The earthquake of 22 February 2011 required Christchurch…


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