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Ivy League Professors Exhort Their Students and All Students to --- Think for Yourself

Some Thoughts and Advice for Our Students and All Students…


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What Parents Look for in a School

Have you wondered what is going on in the minds of parents who are considering a school for their child?

It could be a private, charter or public school. It also could relate to preschool or after school program.

Note that a parent needs to consider this each time the family moves. And they might consider it if not pleased from year to year.

The top 3 considerations according to this study are safety, quality teachers and academic…


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Described myself in 50 words

 Joining an online business association that asked to describe yourself in 50 words and here are mine.

Here is the video where the founder describes the value of this…


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X on My Calendar

My black marker makes a daily X on my wall calendar.


I like to know at a glance where I am in context of the month.

Days and weeks seem to blur together.

This simple action makes time become my personal graphic.


Rationally I know each day has 24 hours.

But emotionally time seems to change pace.

Some days and weeks seem faster than others.

That steady addition of another X is my objective pace car.


The truth is…


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The Evolution of Classroom Technology

Classrooms have come a long way. There’s been an exponential growth in educational technology advancement over the past few years. From overhead projectors to iPads, it’s important to understand not only what’s coming next but also where it all started.

We’ve certainly come a long way but some things seem hauntingly similar to many years ago. For example, Thomas Edison said in 1925 that “books will soon be obsolete in schools. Scholars will soon be instructed through the eye.” I’m…


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Cell Phone


I talk into the bottom of this wee box.

At the top of the box the voice of my brother responds.

He lives hundreds of miles away.

I hear him as well as if he was across from the dining table.


One time per month an affordable bill is sent to each of us.

We can do this again next month if certain protocols are followed.


My super huge telecom company sends an electronic bill to me.



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Case Study of Project Based Learning Taken to the Maxium

Here is the blog post that gives an overview. 

The forward-thinking curriculum of Studio H is designed for the true 21st-century student. It's based on real-world applications, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and immersive student collaboration.

Here is the website related to Studio…


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MORE Evidence that Teachers Change Lives

* You Changed My Life *.


I met Frankie the day I walked into his sixth-grade classroom as a fledgling student teacher full of fear and trepidation. I had just spent two years assisting at a day care center and had decided to go to teacher's college to become a kindergarten teacher. What was I doing in a sixth-grade classroom? 

Frankie wasn't…


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Here is my article on leadership - what do you think?

Leaders Provide Guidance


Here are my reflections on qualities of a great leader.

A leader provides the following kinds of guidance to an organization.

That organization can be a family, small group, class, church, school, company, club, etc.



Conceptual Guidance

Mission statement

Vision statement

Core values

Other elements of strategic planning





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Please beta test this ebook for business owners

What follows began as a collection of a few links to online resources that might help some friends. Then as I did that I recalled more and more resources. This has become an initial draft of an ebook. For a very long time I have planned to make short videos of each such resources with keyword tags.

There is more I…


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Resources for mothers during the holiday season - please forward

Based on my observations it seems that the role and responsibilities of a mother are very many. It seems that it is tough enough to be a mother during most of the year. But then during the holidays there are yet more tasks piled on for juggling and completing with a smile.


I genuinely care deeply about all mothers. That includes mothers of infants, toddlers, regular kids, teens and adult children as well as…


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Bud to Soil

Let us start considering an elegant cycle in nature.


The leaf is the main character with thousands of coequal costars.


Begin when the twig is bare in the winter.

Then in due time the bud of the leaf emerges.

The tiny bud grows slowly to full size during the spring.


This lone leaf is a key member interconnected parts of the whole tree.

A leaf is in some cases evergreen and some cases it changes with the seasons.



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I Plan to Apply Myself as an Educator in this Practical Arena

Here is a great example of a chronic problem in developing countries and how an organization has developed a workable solution. This sanitation solution has been proven in Haiti.

And by working with Aggies we can distill the lessons into digital educational modules so the concepts can be used all over the globe. We will work in partnership with this and other similar solution…


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30 Ways to Better Reach New People and Engage Your Audience

This podcast by Story  Brand gives an overview of an abundance of options you can use to improve your story telling that will improve the connections and interactions with your audience.


Just hear the podcast and read the summary notes on the show notes. Also this is based on an article from Harvard Business…


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The History Of Learning Tools [Infographic]

You’re going to want to print out this infographic and, at the very least, share it with your fellow teachers and even students. It’s all about the history of education technology and could be used to educate just about anyone on how far we’ve come in a short period of time. We did a more in-depth look at the history of education technology about a year ago but this infographic is a lot more……


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Behind My Kneecaps

Mostly I sleep on my side with my legs tucked up.
When I wake up, I start by stretching my legs while still horizontal.

There is an enjoyable sensation behind my kneecaps.
Lately I have wondered what kind of sound that might make.

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Cell Phone Shape

I have a grey beard.

That reflects my age of 63 years.

When I was a child all the phones were black.

It was a big deal when colors were introduced.

It was a big deal when the phone could mount on the wall.


Every phone had a hefty handle and a curve.…


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Many Talking Heads

Our TV screens are often populated with talking heads.

In public places, like airports and restaurants, CNN is almost always on.


During the political season, 1 talking head starts the ball rolling.

That person speaks to a big group or at press conference.


Then several…


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Litter Recalls Love

There is a memorial for Dallas Police officers across from City Hall.

More than a month ago 5 police officers were shot.


There was a huge outpouring of support for the police by the public.

This support was demonstrated in heaps of flowers left at police headquarters.

Some flowers were placed at this…


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Remembering the Promise of Pansies

Here is Dallas Texas it has been hot and dry this August.

The crape myrtles and hibiscus blooms are coloring the landscape.


I recall the pansies that were so bold and crazy to bloom first.

When it was still cold and sometimes with snow on the ground, they appeared.

They burst on the scene while hugging the…


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