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I talk into the bottom of this wee box.

At the top of the box the voice of my brother responds.

He lives hundreds of miles away.

I hear him as well as if he was across from the dining table.


One time per month an affordable bill is sent to each of us.

We can do this again next month if certain protocols are followed.


My super huge telecom company sends an electronic bill to me.

A different super huge telecom company sends him a bill.

These phone bills are not on paper like how our parents were sent.


There is a deadline on each of our bills.

All they want is money transferred to them on time.

Many numbers on these odd plastic cards are associated with our banks.

When the procedures are done properly the telecom companies are satisfied.


My brother and I have been following this procedure for decades.

I can not only talk with my brother using this device but billions of other humans.

Each of these clever devices can have some numbers assigned to it.


There are untold numbers of overlapping processes used to connect my brother and me.

I am very grateful for modern communication technologies.


Thanks to these systems my family member and I keep up to date.

Plus I talk more frequently with local friends.

And as a huge benefit I have attended numerous teleseminars over the years.

From those I have learned for experts far more than I could ever gain from local residents.  


The cell phone is yet another silent servant of my modern life.

Behind the scenes are countless miles of wires and thousands of people to keep it working.


Every year our shared planet seems to become smaller due to these devices.

It is challenging to keep up with the rapid advances as they unfold.

But to take a few steps back and notice the whole electronic environment is amazing.


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Comment by John S. Oliver on March 6, 2013 at 11:46

 Here is a videos about the many people and systems needed for a smart phone.

I, Smartphone

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