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Made it to week 5....where did the time go!

So holy moly...I fact I really have to be the luckiest human ever! It is week 5 and I have no idea how we got to halfway through the term already. 

It has been a rollercoaster of a ride...with huge highs and some moments of whoah..this is too much!

From dealing with a school in debt and then realising that yes I have inherited debt...but unfortunately I need to get more in debt as some systems aren't in place and some health and safety needs action NOW!

To the realisation that there is no system, organisation or action around areas like appraisal, assessment and self review

Tie all that together with building relational trust with a staff that have been damaged due to the nature of what has happened for them over the past year and boy am I exhausted 15 year old daughter said to me via Skype the other mum you look like hell...those bags under your eyes are nasty! and she is right...I am pooped.

As my family are still in Auckland and I am here 5 days a week on my own it is pretty weird situation....The idea is that being as even when I work in Auckland I have a tendency to work obsession ( don't think that can be true???) So if I work away from home the deal is that I work hard out all week and at weekends I park the laptop and spend quality time. So far I am sticking too it...but to do so I work like mad all week...hence the bags! After 20 years of marriage you also don't fully factor in how much you will miss people even if it is only for 5 days...For the first 4 weeks both my hubby and myself where acting like love sick teenagers! Guess that is a good sign that 20 years hasn't meant complete apathy yet!

Last weekend was a weekend when the whole family came down and we did a community working bee at the school...what an amazing turn out...for a small community the level of support and engagement is lucky. 

All these factors are merging together in my mind and they make the workload huge....but I can still say that despite the unpleasant bags, I am in the right place with the right people and we will make it all come together!

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