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Just now I am brewing tea for kombucha tea.

As I looked at those dry tea leaves I considered what it took to get that product to me.

How many people and processes were involved?

The packaging took talented and smart people working in teams. 

I will add sugar that was obviously not made locally. 

Just the transportation considerations of each item in my pantry makes my mind wobble.

I rarely think about container ships, trucks, and warehouses. But without them, my life would not be comfortable. 

I will keep this tea in a plastic container in the fridge. That cheap plastic container took many clever people to bring it to me and the fridge took zillions of people. 

No man or woman is an island.

I am a tiny part of a hugely complex enterprise. 

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Comment by John S. Oliver on August 2, 2018 at 4:00

Tea, coffee, and spices (think Silk Road caravans) have historically motivated many communities to trade.

Without the endless demand for these, as well as tobacco, there would be far more isolation internationally.
What if people could only consume the beverages and spices within 100 miles. What a dull existence.
As I have been enjoying documentaries for decades I notice that the demand for trade good brought the exchanges of ideas too. Those ideas included songs, stories, technologies, art, and more.

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