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While it seems bad these days just consider Chicago in the 1890s - history and humor

Note that this journalist put the spotlight on the injustices of his day not by whining, blaming, and complaining but by using fiction is a clever way.
Note that the issues of his day are like those of our day. Yet they are better in many ways. 
I came on this by searching for the origin of the saying that is attributed to him --- 
Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.
That is the motto of many journalism schools. It can be adapted as guidelines for personal and corporate ministry.  
Here is a summary of those days and one man that helped to change the outlook of a great many others using humor.
Here is are 2 video samples.
One many play part 1
One man play part 2
Books about Dooley by Finely Peter Dunne
A free online audiobook by him

Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War by Finley Peter DUNNE read by Don W. Jenkins | Full Audio Book


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