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My black marker makes a daily X on my wall calendar.


I like to know at a glance where I am in context of the month.

Days and weeks seem to blur together.

This simple action makes time become my personal graphic.


Rationally I know each day has 24 hours.

But emotionally time seems to change pace.

Some days and weeks seem faster than others.

That steady addition of another X is my objective pace car.


The truth is the time marches slowly forward.

The clock never stops or goes backward.

I know this in my mind.

Yet my calendar with the rows of Xs makes time tangible for me.


The marked Xs represent my history and those units are DONE.

The one box at the front of the Xs is TODAY for focusing my attention.

All those blank boxes beyond today are units with pure possibilities.


One day will be my last day.

SO how will I best use this day?


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