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Effective pedagogy, not the technology


Effective pedagogy, not the technology, is at the centre of the process. - What are the desired learning outcomes? - How can the practitioner create opportunities for meaningful, transformative learning experiences?

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An iterative approach is encouraged - a design is developed, piloted, evaluated, revisited, modified and re-evaluated over time.

If you are interested in critiquing a programme that you are currently teaching on, or one that you are hoping to assess and re-write, you may find the following diagnostic tool: Teaching Goals Inventory useful. The survey asks you to respond, using a five-point likert scale, to fifty-two goals pertaining to the specific course or programme you have selected. After responding to all the points you generate a report that covers aspects such as the programmes likelihood to enhance Higher Order Thinking Skills, Basic Academic Success Skills, Discipline-Specific Knowledge and Skills, Work and Career Preparation, and Personal Development.

If you would like help with the wording of learning outcomes, and choice around which active verb to use for the level of the programme/course you may find the Differentiator useful. Based partly on a revised version of Bloom's Taxonomy (Anderson and Krathwohl), the tool takes you through five steps. The first is where you choose an appropriate verb, followed by consideration of content, the resources you would like learners to use, the artefact you would like learners to create, and finally the number of learners you would like working together.

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